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Issue 18 Cover by Cass Garrison.jpg

Issue 18

Summer 2024

Cover art by Cass Garisson

"In my work, and this piece in particular, I think most prominently about color & shape, at the very foundational level, and, in a slightly more complex way, restraint, the potential tension that can be constructed and calibrated through the convergence of an image that is clear, recognizable, pronounced & language that is, well, predominantly inaccessible. I am an impulse/instinct painter. I do not plan or preconceive. I go straight to canvas and let myself be pulled by colors & forms that momentarily charm me. Poetry is my practice for precision & premeditation, whereas painting is my practice for impulse & instinct."

Cass Garison is a poet & artist whose first chapbook, Beauty Exasperated: Poems After George Eliot is out through Common Meter Press. They have works at, Gulf Coast, Foglifter, Shō, and others. Find more about them, their paintings, and their poems at 

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