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Fahmidan Journal Submissions

Fahmidan Submissions are open from September 15th 2023.

Fahmidan comes out four times a year online. Send us your thought-provoking existentialism, your phobias, your darkest moments. Entrance us with your whimsical fantasy. Move us to tears with your truth in a world of suffering. Captivate and intrigue us with your hopes and dreams. A broad range of styles, forms and voices make any journal truly representative in the 21st century and we are no different! Check out a few of our previous issues to understand more about our style.

We publish quarterly & are open year round for submissions:

December 16th - March 15th: reading for Summer Issue (June 10th release) 

March 16th - June 15th: reading for Autumn Issue (September 10th release)

June 16th - September 14th: reading for Winter Issue (December 10th release)   

September 15th - December 15th: reading for Spring Issue (March 10th release)

General Information
Rights and payment

We purchase First British Serial Rights, First Anthology and First Audio rights, as well as the right to archive your work on our open-access platforms post publication. Payment is $25 per piece, delivered on publication. We issue payments via bank transfer and Paypal.

*Note please only submit Word documents and do not place your name or any identifying information on the document itself.

We only accept submissions on Submittable. Email Submissions will be ignored.

Staff submissions

Present and past staff members of Fahmidan Journal/Publishing & Co are prohibited from submitting to us.

Errors in Submission

Mistakes happen! We’re all human. Please do not withdraw and resubmit your submission to us. Instead, please send us an updated document in the messages field of your submission on Submittable. If paid feedback has already begun, this change may not be possible.

  • We will not publish work that is offensive or presents hatred or prejudice directed towards a particular race, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, ability, socioeconomic class, or other social identity or status. If we decline to consider a piece, we will refund in full any submission or feedback fees paid.

  • We will never solicit written submissions nor will our staff solicit beyond encouraging submission. All submissions, unless stated otherwise, come through Submittable. Please do not email us submissions; they will go unread.

  • We only accept unpublished work that has not appeared in any publicly-accessible forum or otherwise. If in doubt, send us a query:

  • This is an English language journal. However, submissions partially containing other languages are very much welcome! As a multilingual staff we adore all language inclusion! We do not publish translations in any form.

  • All those who submit to Fahmidan Journal must be at least 18 years of age.

  • We welcome submissions from across the globe.

  • Simultaneous submissions are encouraged! Just message us on Submittable if you need to withdraw a piece at any point! P.S. We’ll be beyond happy for you!

  • Please only submit once per submission category at a time. Once you have received a reply to your previous submission you can submit again and again! We admire the tenacious nature of writers and want to encourage you to keep trying and submitting!

  • Please do not resubmit pieces that we have already declined unless we directly communicate otherwise.

  • We ask that you wait 1 year from acceptance to submit to us again provided that acceptance came after September 1st 2023.

  • We do not accept submissions of AI-generated work. If a submission is sent to us claiming to be the work of the author but then is discovered or identified as AI-generated, it will be automatically rejected and the author no longer welcome to submit in the future. We reserve the right to withdraw acceptances from any work found to be AI-generated. Including post publication.

How We Work
  • 25-day turnaround. We will notify all writers of their submission’s status within 25 days. If it takes longer, we will refund your submission fee/donation (excluding paid feedback) and will still consider your writing with a revised deadline. All feedback fees are non-refundable.

  • You may get a response in as little as 24 hours. We value your time immensely. Rest assured all submissions are considered vigorously before we decide.

  • Issue Shortlists: we will shortlist pieces while we make final decisions on an issue’s composition.

  • All shortlist requests will be made within our 25-day response time.

  • If a writer whose writing has been shortlisted and has paid for feedback, they will still receive this within the 25-day response time period.

  • Feedback Options: Writers have the option to pay staff Readers and Editors for their feedback.

  • Prices can be found on our Submittable submission pages for both poetry and all forms of prose.

  • For reader feedback on both prose and poetry, writers will receive a paragraph of commentary on up to three poems. Feedback may include. But is not limited to; narrative, structure, device usage, and readability as well as feedback on grammatical and syntax improvements. This feedback will be focused on areas of improvement whilst highlighting the pieces’ strengths.

  • For Editorial Feedback writers can expect line comments as well as a 3-paragraph full document markup on 3, 6 or 9 poems.

  • At Fahmidan we have always valued transparency and that is no different today than it was when we started in July 2020. The majority of all feedback fees goes to the staff reader/editor reviewing and commenting on your writing. Submittable takes a fee and we keep what is left to pay staff, maintain the journal and cover any expenses.

Genre Guidelines

Submit up to seven poems (three for free submissions). Poems should be no longer than 3 A4 pages but we’re open to diverse formats as. Poems should be single-spaced and each begin on a new page. Please clearly indicate when a poem goes beyond one page. We prefer submissions that consist of more than one poem to better understand your style and the influence of your authorial intent even if your poems are on different topics.


Submit one piece of between 1000 and 2500 words. We accept both fiction and nonfiction prose submissions. Unfortunately, we do not accept excerpts of longer works.


Submit up to five pieces (two for free submissions) of no more than 800 words. We publish both fiction and nonfiction flash submissions.

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