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Fahmidan Journal / Issue 18 

I wanted this to be a sonnet

By Luís Costa

he is waiting for the porridge to cool down

while I expect the thickness of the morning

to dissipate. only one of us will get what they

want. in a light-second he’ll ask what’s wrong.

I may have to explain that he is just a comet,

like many others before him whose fires

I chased since the nights got cold. I dissolve

his sugar in my tea. I speak of things that exist

even further away instead, like neutron stars;

hoping he understands what it means to bear

the density of loss, how every meal is a séance.

he doesn’t, he pours the milk. our table is a black

hole that swallows everything: grief, breakfast, love —

Luís Costa

Luís Costa

Author / 

Luís Costa (he/they) is the author of Two Dying Lovers Holding a Cat (Fourteen Poems). His poems are available or forthcoming in Queerlings, Stone of Madness, Roi Fainéant, Visual Verse, Boats Against The Current, Anthropocene, the anthology He/She/They/Us (Pan Macmillan), and elsewhere. He holds a PhD from Goldsmiths and lives in London, but you can find him on social media @captainiberia.

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