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Fahmidan Journal / Issue 17 

Tooth of Language

by Sol Sigrid Smulhay

Sunk deep in your irises

lies the tooth of language.

Each blink a palpable faint

resemblance from my own.

Alphabets ring in your ears

because my tongue is a sole

avenue. It is the eye and the

mouth that, after all, performs.

Deep, below the heritage belt.

Wrists form cycles. Motions of

the song that never left. If you

just gape open, a little more.

You will find me in the hearth.

There I am, in the crumbles

of thirst. After all, if you no

longer speak of the syllables

that birthed me, what am I

if not an image that passes, never

again a spoken phrase, a word

that matters, causes.

Sol Sigrid Smulhay

Author / 

Sol Sigrid Sumalhay is an Internationally published author and poet. She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of International Studies, an admirer of unconventional writings, and a literacy advocate. Birthed in the nurtured lands of Mindanao, she articulates & expresses her ideas and motivations by fleshing out her thoughts through poetry. Sol established her writing platform online through Medium and has been published in various online journals. Bottled Stars is her first officially published poetry collection.

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