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Fahmidan Journal / Issue 17 

Nuanced Survival

by Sol Sigrid Smulhay

We have forgotten that

this body is a bullet train.

Springing from the chest

are the rib cages that carry

armors for the lung. Melanin

is not an accidental painted

ink on this lifemap. Every

body part is a gift for the

future. Every future is not

the perfect resemblance,

it is merely survival that

flourishes the nuanced

strands. How long until

survival is the only path

allowed at the stands?

Sol Sigrid Smulhay

Author / 

Sol Sigrid Sumalhay is an Internationally published author and poet. She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of International Studies, an admirer of unconventional writings, and a literacy advocate. Birthed in the nurtured lands of Mindanao, she articulates & expresses her ideas and motivations by fleshing out her thoughts through poetry. Sol established her writing platform online through Medium and has been published in various online journals. Bottled Stars is her first officially published poetry collection.

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